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C1X - Customer of One Experience Training

We create or transform service cultures and change the world for our clients and their customers


Make Each Customer Feel Like Your Only Customer

Earl Wasserman LLC, a Customer Experience (CX) consultancy, was founded because of the unprecedented shift in the procurement path between suppliers and buyers.

The world has changed to a “point, click, buy direct-from-the-source” model. More and more customers are seeking a direct purchasing path, which has a profound impact on our behaviors. The way in which we engage, communicate, buy, sell, and relate to our business partners has forever changed.

Have expectations for a convenient and trusting CX changed as a result?

Every statistic confirms this! Customers today are expecting organizations with service teams to provide them a unique, rewarding, and recurring experience. And not from customer service alone, but across all customer touch points throughout their journey.

They want the relationship to be troublefree and easy, and if it is not, they will go elsewhere. And those expectations for a superior customer experience in pandemic times are going up, not down.

Be a change agent, admired even more for the exceptional customer experience you provide than the award-winning products you design and sell.

  • Provide Your Customers an Award-Winning Experience
  • Maximize Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Retention
  • Turn Customers into Your Ambassadors
  • Accelerate Your Volume and Revenue
  • Almost 5 Decades of Flooring Experience Differentiates Us

Over 80% of organizations expect to compete mainly based on CX.

– Gartner Research

Engage employees in an ongoing process of progressive achievement

C1X - Customer of One Experience Training is built on a next-generation learning platform called Rali, that engages employees in an ongoing process of progressive achievement.

A series of live Zoom Workshops are augmented by the Rali digital transformation experience, where your team works together with our trainer to create a service culture that retains customers and converts them into your ambassadors.

7 principles
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  • Creating a Customer of One Experience
  • Customer Service Ripple Effects
  • Obstacles to Great Customer Service
  • Customer Touchpoints
  • Order Life Cycling
  • Building Customer Trust
  • The Service Mindset
  • Being Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Taking Ownership
  • Building Sticky Relationships
  • New Customers vs. Existing Customers
  • Turning Customers into Ambassadors
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC)
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Turn your focus outward and listen to the voice of the customer

  • Maximize customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention
  • Turn customers into your ambassadors
  • Increase referrals
  • Accelerate volume and revenue
  • Unify staff and attract better employees
  • Tethered teams, working to cross the finish line together
  • Increase profits
  • Happy shareholders

Elevate your customer's journey

Transform your service culture and change the world for your business and your customers