I’ve spent a lifetime making a difference in people’s lives. It‘s my wiring. My client’s lives are no different. After prices have been negotiated, crises averted, what is most important is the enduring quality relationship that has been built. Due to Covid-19 “new rules,” it has never been more difficult to nurture the relationships we have. We are relationship starved.

Because of these truths, we are committed to help clients navigate new procurement and decision-making processes, leverage their buying power, and adopt safer, more successful business practices. We offer customers our passion for service, expertise, resources, proactive and pre-emptive solutions, budgetary transparency, and the desire to make lasting customer relationships. And make a difference.

And how has the pandemic altered the desire for a heightened Customer Experience? It has never been more important than today. CX is so deeply embedded in our DNA, we now train organizations with service teams how to create service cultures and retain customers. And make a difference.

We build trusting, honest, lasting relationships. It is the basis for who we are, and what makes us different. Our WHY!

Earl Wasserman
Earl Wasserman - Consultancy, Floors-Walls, Interior Finishes

Interior Finishes Direct from the Source

When it comes to material supply, Earl Wasserman has a reputation for knowledge and network capital, built over 48 years in the flooring, wall and interior finishes industries.

We provide value and expertise managing specification, design intent, product fit, performance, budget, and a direct manufacturer strategic purchase experience with less personal contact, fewer suppliers, and reduced risk.  

Earl Wasserman - Consultancy, Customer Experience, C1X Training

C1X - Customer of One Experience Training

Earl Wasserman has also built a reputation throughout his career for providing clients with an unmatched customer experience resulting in a remarkably high percentage of customer retention, loyalty, and referral.

We have extracted those philosophical tenets and best business practices to design and launch C1X - Customer of One Experience Training. We teach manufacturers and suppliers how to recognize and understand the downside of transactional customer relationships, while seeking new customers, that like annuities, practically assure repeated volume and profit for years. We help create customer experience differentiation for our clients so they can be admired more for the exceptional customer experience they provide than the award-winning products they design and sell. A potent combination.