These Three Words


Three of the most often shared words entering January. With unbridled hopes, cautious optimism, and a mask, we have welcomed 2021.  That said, many of us, our friends, colleagues, and business partners have started the year facing major career changes and choices. In my industry, the pandemic, retail and restaurant closures, the resulting economy and seismic shifts brought upon by e-commerce has changed how retailers and restaurants view their corporate staffing needs. While frightening to those who have been furloughed or terminated, it is an amazing opportunity to explore some of the opportunities you thought not previously possible or logical.   


These three words are critical to finding, opening, and walking through those doors to newfound success.

It is said, when one door closes, others open.  Not just a flippant passage, but my reality when I was forced to shutter Storefloors this past spring after 26 years serving the retail and restaurant markets. This is not to say my path was easy, as fear, self-doubt, and questions of self-worth presented daily hurdles. I had to face major decisions about my employees, vendors, business relationships, personal income, and support of my family.  I leaned on trusted advisors, both inside and outside my industry, to provide insightful counsel. I relied on my IMAGINATION, INTUITION, and RATIONAL THINKING. I had to LET GO and BREAK OUT of old thinking and strategies. I looked for a BRIDGE to new opportunities. It also took FAITH, SYMPATHY, a little bit of LUCK, and SUPPORT of family and friends.

The result is a new business that takes advantage of my industry knowledge and network capital. And my reputation for delivering an extraordinary customer experience. But the purpose of this story is to share the “tools” I used on my journey passing through those new doors. Back in April, I listed these words on my desktop to view every day for motivation and inspiration. They remain there. It is my wish that those who are similarly challenged find the same inspiration during 2021!

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